Why I started this blog…

I have kept writing blogs since 16, but I have always kept my blogs personal and very low key. Maybe it is more appropriate to call it a diary since it is more for myself.

Growing up with passion for the math and sciences, I used to be one of those girls who enjoy doing problem sets more than going to parties or movies. To be honest, even nowadays I still enjoy a strategic board game more than shopping with the girls. Do not take it wrong. I love shopping, but I prefer shopping alone. Isn’t it more efficient if you know what you are going to get?

I know many women out there who are just like me, maybe for different reasons. They are female bankers who work 80 hours a week, and simply have no time to shop. They are female engineers who work in a team of mostly guys who dress like Big Bang Theory and do not want to dress too girly to be taken less seriously. They are mothers who are too busy with tackling family chores and professional work at the same time to have the luxury to stroll down the mall on the weekends.

Unfortunately, even when we finally set our feet in the mall, we still do not know what to buy. Many of us have a wardrobe full of clothes, but we still have difficulty deciding what to wear every single day.

I have all these problems myself. Not until I read this blog Women in Silicon Valley have no idea what to wear to work did I decide to start this blog.

I live in the Silicon Valley, working as a software engineer in one of the biggest companies. As what is said in the blog: “tech tries to be very meritocratic, but sometimes it gets taken a little too far. People are often suspicious of others who dress nice.” “Many women in Silicon Valley simply don’t want to talk about fashion, likely for fear that it will detract from their professional achievements.” I face this paradox every single day. I love trying out new styles and I love dressing up, but I love my job too and I want to be taken seriously and professionally at work.

“I’d like to wear this white lace dress, but will I look too girly in it?”

“I think this culotte would look great with my new black heels, but maybe I should stay with flats just to be safe…”

I ask myself these questions every day. I am still on my journey exploring the answers, and I would like to share my journey with you.



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