Cho…Cho…Choker Maniac

Choker is chic this spring!

If you are just like me, not knowing what style of choker to go for, why not grab a couple affordable ones?

Or, even better, if you have your own style, comment down below which one among the five that I picked is your favorite.

After all, fashion is about trying out new things and living at the moment. Fashion is about having your own attitude every single day.

Stay smart. Stay cool. Be you.



1. ASOS ’90s Tattoo Choker Necklace (Black)      $6.50


2. ASOS Simple Bolo Choker Necklace (Black)      $8.50


3. ASOS Basic Double Cord Choker Necklace (Black)      $6.50


4. ASOS Hamsa Chain Choker (Burnished silver)      $10.00


5. ASOS Pack of Two Fine Chain Choker Necklaces (Rose gold)     $13.00

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