Simple is Perfect – Dress Up or Down Your Denim Shorts

Trends come and go. To be the “It Girl” takes time and effort. Sometimes I ask myself – Why can’t I lead my own fashion just by wearing what I already have?

I’m sure almost everyone of us has a pair of denim shorts in our closet. It is such a closet staple and such a simple piece. But, did you make the best use of it?

Today I want to share 3 tips on styling your simple denim shorts to make it perfect for any occasion. Stay tuned.

Tip 1: Pair your denim short with any shirt/blouse (white, printed, bohemian, etc) for an effortless but chic look.

A tucked-in white shirt keeps your style classic.
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Lace cut-out details on the shirt and Charlotte Olympia’s kitty flats spice up your simple but chic look.
Tying a sweater around your waistline transforms the casual look.
A bright-colored printed shirt makes the entire look pop.

Tip 2: Dress up your denim shorts by wearing a formal jacket and high-heels/boots and you are good to go for any formal occasion.

A go-to blazer and your favorite pair of pumps turn the entire outfit from casual to formal instantly.
A navy/black peacoat and ankle boots – you are party-ready in a flash.

Tip 3: Distressed, fringed, and embroidered denim shorts are the best for street styles.

Tousled hair is a must for street style.
Remember to tuck in your shirt for the cool, effortless street look.
Spice up the look by adding bright-colored accessories like this red handbag.

On a final note, I have also styled “Stripe On Stripe” with my denim shorts. Believe it or not, I have owned this pair of shorts for more then 8 years and it is in fashion every summer. Yes, sometimes the simple pieces are the ones that go a long way and never go out of fashion.

Being perfect sometimes means being simple.





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